Why Regression Therapy?

Why Regression Therapy?

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This is an introductory documentary about an alternative therapeutic approach that is really effective but attracts controversy. It is about time to dissolve, the clouds that faded this mode of therapy.

In this production prominent figures of the field like Morris Netherton, Roger Woolger, Hans TenDam, Trisha Caetano, and Marion Boon are interviewed and share their experience with us about the methods, the effects, and the ways they go about.

If you want to learn not only why but how, when and with whom you should choose regression therapy instead of other approaches, then this is the film to see…

WHY REGRESSION THERAPY? was produced by the European Association for Regression Therapy.

Executive Producer: Athanasios Komianos
Music by Resat Guner and Kevin Mac Leod
Narration by Dave Graham
Written and directed by Ulf Parczyk, esopsych.de & upsignum.de

Contributors for the subtitles and responsible for the translations to their languages are.
For English and Greek Athanasios Komianos and Maria Eleni Elsayan.
For Turkish Yasemin Tokatli and Handan Dervis Yorukoglu.
For German Charlotte Muthesius and Ulf Parczyk.
For Dutch Karen Stemkens, Janine Booij, Willemijn Luyendijk and Assina Haan.
For Estonian Marina Eberth.
For Portuguese Sueli Simoes.
For Czech Bernadetta Hodkova.
For Russian Pavel Gyngazov and Rifa Hodgson.
For Spanish Yolanda Bandres
For French Susan Coulbeaut
For Italian Saskia Bergink
For Polish Izabela Konwiñska

WHY REGRESSION THERAPY? by EARThassociation, published on 2013-02-04 15:14:27, licensed under CC BY


  1. Sinto-me honrada por ter participado na construção (legendas em português) deste documentário; mas mais honrada me sinto por ter podido "beber da fonte": conhecendo, descobrindo, vivenciando, aprendendo, partilhando com estes mestres maravilhosos. Sou-lhes grata!

  2. I've no pain or fears or ….. I am just interested in knowing who I was in other lifetimes. Is this the correct forum for such a journey?

  3. Ja, so ist es, selbst erfahren letztes Jahr……
    Trotz intensiver Psychologischer Begleitung kam ich erst in den Regressionssitzungen an tiefliegende Grundaspekte heran, zwar in einer besonders heftigen Form, dafür aber mit intensiver Lösungsoption. Es ist das Beste was ich je für mich gemacht habe und es wirkt noch weiter positiv nach.

  4. A very interesting film! I especially like the beginning. Watched it three times.  Thanks for doing this. Regression therapy. That's what I love doing.

  5. Thank you for creating these movie,  great work, it truly displays  the chance of finding true healing, with regression therapy , I believe the main healing and transformation lies in the hands of the clients….congratulations

  6. Please read Dr Brian Weiss Book's Many Lives Many Master's is excellent and Miracles Happens.The fact is his last book is amazing and tons of people's stories. Dr Eben Alexander's books Proof of Heaven and map of Heaven are great too. Peter Ramster utube 1981.video 1981 about 4 Australian women's experience when they were regressed is amazing.
    Check out this utube video called The Rain Man on paranormal witness. It's a true story of Don Decker who defied the laws of gravity and witnessed by police officers and many other's as well. Police Priests and tons of people and professional witnesses. It's mind blowing.

  7. I really need to find a utube video on PLR that work's for me. The closest I came was to Dr Brian Weiss; but it wasn't long enough for me. I've been meditation for many yrs. But everyone that I've tried for 7 yrs hasn't worked out. It's been frustrating because I came so close.

  8. Humanity has come a very long way since The Bible. Religion!
    I seek THE TRUTH, for myself and humanity.
    Religion has FAILED humanity as a whole. (good for some. NOT me!)
    Reincarnation, (regression therapy) Paranormal, Mediumship, Ghosts/Spirits…all have a commonality that has evidence that humanity can physically witness, see and experience in a real physical manner.
    Not just about FEELINGS or EMOTIONS. Real as my wife standing next to me!
    Christianity has FAILED me!
    This reality has not failed me and I'm 20 years in…

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