If You’re Struggling With Your Self-Worth

If You’re Struggling With Your Self-Worth

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Self Worth and Self-Love is essential.

Self-love may appear easy on the surface, but we all know better. It’s not easy to accept this, but it’s worthwhile. Despite the challenges, you should never stop trying to love yourself. The following are some factors that should not be used to evaluate your value.


Watch This If You’re Struggling With Your Self-Worth by Psych2Go, published on 2021-07-13 14:53:54, licensed under CC BY

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  1. I have an important exam in four days and I've been preparing for it for a month going through a lot of stress and my boyfriend decided to tell me that our three year relationship is at the brick of ending because of our opposing opinions and that i can't do anything to fix it i asked him to be my cheerleader since i have a hard time preparing for it I'm lost and my self worth and self-esteem dropped cuz i feel like I'm losing my relationship and all my hardwork for my exams

  2. I have been struggling since a 10 year old kis it's been almost six years but it's the same I'm so angry on myself that I don't know what to do it feels like I'm worthless I can't do anything even after working so hard and that only I'm the one who's always picked and humiliated no matter what I do how much hard I try to be perfect just perfect that they could be proud of me but sadly I think my life has to be just like this

  3. My problem is that my grades in math could stop me from graduating. I am not happier to know that I have a personality, when I am stuck in this horrible place called school for another year and have to go through all of the preparing again. I don't want that

  4. Omg, I'm trying to change my job now and it's so difficult for me. Especially since all of my friends are more successful than I am. So I started questioning my self-worth. This video was just what I needed. Thank you so much 😭

  5. I always stress out and worry if I'm ever worth it for my friends, or if I'm just a backup plan in case they were alone. I have lost a lot of friends over the years and now only have around 4 close friends and one best friend most of them online, but I always try to be the one for them or someone they would like and keep. It's really hard to keep loving yourself when all these negative variables knock you down, especially for me since it can be hard for people to understand me when I have a lot of disorders, making it harder for them to like me or hold on.

  6. For point 1, which is probably my biggest problem, i play video games. A lot. Its my favorite thing to do. Problem is, is that I'm not very good at them. Its incredibly depressing to do your favorite thing and not do as well as you want to while others succeed so effortlessly. Its incredibly demoralizing and just being told, don't worry about it since there will always be someone better than you" just comes across as incredibly patronizing. Normally you guy's stuff is pretty good, but this video was literally 8 minutes of "don't worry about that thing that bothers you because it doesn't really matter in the long run"

  7. I really struggle with feeling deserving of love and friendship. When I’m down, I push people away and it always just makes things worse. I’m working on being more open with my emotions rather than hiding them away and eventually affecting others with them.

  8. Im a bigger person whose always wanted to loose weight depression and lack of motivation always stopped me. Ill have friends and family telling me im perfect the way i am, but i always say that when i look at myself its the only thing i see. Im trying to get out of this phase im in and actually start loving myself. This video and another video on self love i watched has helped me tonight. The universe knew what I needed and has guided me in the right direction… and if you're reading. You are beautiful/ handsome the way you are, keeping rocking it. We all got this, we are all human ❤

  9. Easier said than done, i don't even believe this while listening to it, but it would make me happy if i truly didn't care about these things, if i truly did believe that those things you said are true

  10. I have c-ptsd my self worth is down under since i had to "fight" for love or more had to be a "good girl" otherwise i was only worthy of silent treatment or worse. I was never good enough when i was unemployeed or have a good job. Doesn't matter there were always things to criticize…if it was just my hair or why i don't wear make up. I never wanted kids in my life. I'm not interested at all. No pressure, no ticking clock anywhere. The only thing that makes me happy ans looking forward ehen i'm coming home at the moment is my cat.

  11. my low self worth is based on my own opinion to the point its agrivating when friends family or coworkers tell me how nice my art is.i feel like i'm surrounded by liars – as far as the usual things i literally can walk around wearing dirty ass hoodies unkept hair and stained clothes i don't care how others percieve me because whats worse? is trying to polish a turd in my opinion.

  12. Hi!

    I loved this video because I struggle an awful lot with self worth. It gave nice perspective that all of the aforementioned in the video does not determine self worth. I just wanted to ask anyone who reads this if none of these things determines your self worth, then what does? I’m asking because whenever I spiral into a depressive episode I ask myself that a lot and would love to hear what anyone thinks!