Transformative Mediumship – Freddie Mercury – Part 1

Transformative Mediumship – Freddie Mercury – Part 1

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Freddie Mercury is a joy to be around. He is genuine and gentle energy mixed with his blissful energy, is really a gift.

This is a first ever- a double- sort of- because Freddie brings in a friend- as a trans-channel too!


Freddie Mercury Transformative Channeling Nov. 24, 2018 with Above Life Channel by Above Life Channel, licensed under CC BY

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  1. I LOVE IT SO MICH greetings from Hamburg.

    Ist so funny: as I went outside of the cinema (where the movie "bohemian rhapsody" was) my physical Body HAS MOVED AS FREDDIE MERCURY IN THE MOVIE. His energy was so genial and present! !♡ focussed and playful energy …. so WOWWWWWWW

  2. Thank you for making these videos! They have truly been life changing for me. I have been feeling Freddie’s energy for the past year and as a musician I’ve been wanting his guidance but wasn’t sure how to ask for it. I literally started sobbing when in this video he said he is helping out musicians on earth it resonated with me so much. How do you know when you’re receiving information from a spirit? A lot of times I question what I’m feeling and if I’m “making it all up”. Do you have any advice on this? Thank you again for all that you do ❤️

  3. Love 💖 Freddie, seem to have felt a more, infinity with Freddie and his music more so now I’m older. What a beautiful spirit and man he is. Love your readings and energy ❤️🙏 so much respect for you to bring through these beautiful souls, of Freddie and David. Thank you Bridgette so much🙏🙏❤️this video has truly inspired me and hope I truly needed 🙏🙏🙏😘

  4. Ow how much I love this video!! Freddie really comes out I love it I love it so much !!! 🙏 he’s constantly smiling with his hand gestures 😂 he’s such an amazing character! He’s so himself 🤷‍♀️ so much harmony I can feel his happiness threw the video melting my heart making my eyes water to see him I can imagine his moustache and his smile and his hair 😍 the smile is so precious 💗💗💗💗💗💗 bloody amazing video!!! Please do another video like this please!!!! 🙏💗

  5. i love your videos… you have helped me find an amazing connection with freddie, one of my greatest inspirations in life, and you have also made me feel comfortable with the idea of death; as it is not a negative place but a bridge. thank you so so much, i will always watch you❤️!

  6. I didn't know that you channel. That is a wonderful gift and I enjoy your videos. Learning how to channel and appreciate all of your guidance. Much love…

  7. Libralove. Humans are so quick to judge & criticize. We don't know our own soul connections, let alone someone else's. We all have very involved prebirth agreements with everyone in our life. Who knows what karma is being played out when we are here. It does not affect the eternal soul connection we have with others. True love is unconditional. That is part of what we are here to realize. God is love & we are all part of that. We just have to remember🤗

  8. Rewatching this since I have developed my contact with both Freddie and David, I want to say it's so cool that they talk about harmonies. David said to me recently that just because I'm attuned to Freddie's vibration doesn't mean I can't work with him too, and then said "We (he and Freddie) are quite 'harmonic'", and that in the attuned human body they can share space with, they add their own frequencies to make a musical chord. Isn't that the most beautiful thing?

  9. Yes, Freddie is very focused on the self, self Growth and discovery.   That is what I really liked.  And you could feel the switch of energy when David came in.  Thank you, Bridgette

  10. I really respect your Work. Bridgette, but I  have to ask if all the psychic mediums' current interest in Freddie Mercury has to do with the movie if you look at the time the movie came out and all the people WHO channel Freddie just close to the movie coming out.  I still have my doubts that Freddie would actually have any interest in the movie from here he is now.

  11. I seriously got a kick out of this.
    Freddie Mercury had a mischievous naughty sense of humor. lol
    I can't wait to meet him in the afterlife. I really enjoy his music and I feel his soul and spirit when I watch his concerts on DVD.
    It's nice to know that he's still writing and singing in the spirit world.

  12. Yes, John Lennon. It took me a minute, I kept repeating John, John, John… suddenly it hit me, Lennon, of course, Queen was somewhat influenced by The Beetles in the way they used the recording studio. Love you so much Freddie! I do wonder if it is difficult for you Bridgette to avoid the cussing? We know that Freddie liked to use his swear words. Thank you 💜

  13. Energy can not be created nor destroyed. Freddie's coloration and passion is still apparent. He will always create and give forth his gift in a different way and we will know if we stay tuned.

  14. Bridgette I am absolutely blown away, at what you experienced. I am glued to my chair, and cannot move. That is the most incredible experience that I have ever seen. I am grateful that you have the ability, to do what you do and that you are always safe. Thank you very much Freddie and David for your Spiritual information and for explaining so that we still being human, can understand more about the Afterlife. We Always Love and Miss You Not Bring Here, But I Do Know That Your Spirit is Happy and Free!! God Bless Everyone. 💖 From Illinois USA 🇺🇸 June 22, 2022

  15. He is a power that will never be quelled. We need his being,even if transformative ,as there are some of us who can't let go. I want to keep him in my life as he still inspires me. I will always love Him forevermore.