Transformative Mediumship – Freddie Mercury – Part 2

Transformative Mediumship – Freddie Mercury – Part 2

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This was incredible! In this follow up video – I share my personal connection to why this was such an emotional channeling for me to do.

He was wonderful and honest, and very vulnerable. I felt like there was nothing I could not ask him.


Freddie Mercury in the afterlife at Above Life Channel by Above Life Channel, licensed under CC BY

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  1. Thank you so much Bridget for sharing this beautiful conversation with us!! I have been raised on Queen songs and admired Freddie, his personality, passion and talent. I would always feel sorry that i could not go on Queen's live concert, since i was only born in 1988… If only i could ask Freddie a one simple question: when are you planning to come back?)

  2. Oh my God Bridgette I cried with you I felt your pain through Freddie. Thank you so much for letting me experience that. I felt like giving you a hug as well as Freddie. I grew up with Freddie from 17yrs old right till now and in 65 now. Love is unconditional as you say Bridgette I love him so much. Thank you from a loyal Freddie fan xxxx

  3. Hi Bridgette, I found your channel randomly because I've been obsessed with Queen and Freddie for the last couple of months, I finally saw Bohemian Rhapsody in Feb 2021 and completely fell in love with Queen, Freddie, their music, which I have listened to nonstop for months now. I felt it was strange how big of an emotional connection I have to Freddie considering I didn't pay much attention to Queen before but now it's all I wanna do, the music, the documentaries, watched the movie like 10 times in matter of weeks. Thank you 💜

  4. My condolences Bridgette. 💔💖🌹 I think Freddie coming to you is the healing process you needed about AIDS and your dad's passing to the other side. 💖💖💖 Big Hugs Dear. I am so happy he is there with you.

  5. Hi there Bridget
    Yes Freddie did have a vulnerability about him that was so sweet and endearing. I love a song that he performed called You Take My Breath Away. Freddie did that so beautifully. I love that side of Freddie . When he was young. He had this adorable gregarious personality that I simply adore. When I see him sing, it comes from his soul. Freddie was all heart. I wish I could have met him and seen Freddie perform live.
    They were fantastic. I came across early concerts that blew me away.
    I couldn't get my eyes off of Freddie, he was beautiful and mesmerizing. I got a kick out of how charming he was. A little naughty sometimes but in a cute way.😉…I like this concert where Freddie sings a song called Big Spender he had this Japanese kimono on and he starts teasing the audience. Hahahaha Freddie sure did love to ham it up hahaha. I would give anything to have seen that live hahahaha I loved it. Freddie was like a chameleon on stage you never knew what he was going to do. Freddie loved to be mysterious and keep his audience in suspense.
    Freddie also loved to shock everyone . Freddie was unique and beautiful there will never be another one like him. I'm so glad that he's happy where he is and that he's now free from his illness. I know how much he suffered. Freddie was a trooper and very brave to continue with life, considering his circumstances with his health at the time. We his (lovely darlings) 😉will always treasure him and miss him.
    There's a whole new generation that is now listening to their songs.
    Brian May and Roger Taylor are still performing in concerts with Adam Lambert. I think it's awesome I give them a lot of credit to still be at it at their age.The boys miss Freddie dearly. John Deacon lives a very private life he spends his time with his family. John Deacon, didn't want to continue with the band after Freddie passed away and that's ok to. Deacon took it very hard, he was very close to Freddie they were like brothers. His other band mates took it hard to. May was very depressed for a while he was suicidal at one point. I think Freddie was looking out for Brian, from the spirit world. May got help and he's doing good now. May earned his PHd. In Astrophysics a couple of years ago. He seems to be in a better place now. Yes he still misses Freddie, the boys were good friends and they were constantly working together for 20 years. Roger is doing good to he has his family and he's still close with May.

  6. Yes we know that Freddie was very sexual hahaha.Freddie was also very in tune with his sensuality. He knew how to project himself in a way that embraced his duel sexuality. Freddie was magnetic and alurring that was sexy and beautiful at the same time.
    I completely understand Freddie.

  7. Bridget I have a question?
    You said that Freddie felt that his spirit was that of a woman. I'm not at all surprised, Freddie always refered to Jim Hutton as his husband. Maybe he himself, felt like he was his wife. My question is…
    If he felt like a woman why did he choose to be born as a male?
    My question is both hypothetical and out of curiosity. I'm trying to understand how some people feel like they are women born as a boy and boys who feel like they are girls. How is that arranged in the spirit world?…do people choose this beforehand
    Is that something that is planned before people are born in this physical world?

  8. Bridget you should see the early concerts when Freddie was young. He was beautiful. There are pictures of Freddie with the longish hair and his make up on. His eyes looked amazing. There's one of Freddie with a red velvet jacket.

  9. This was an awesome show with Freddie being with You. His energy is so uplifting and sweet. Thank you Freddie, for letting us know how to communicate with you. I will simply ask you, and I know that you'll be here!! How awesome Freddie. 🎶