End of Materialism?

End of Materialism?

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In this talk, Donald Hoffman presents a novel approach to consciousness. He proposes a rigorous mathematical model and explains what consciousness is and is not.

Hoffman studies consciousness, visual perception and evolutionary psychology using mathematical models and psychophysical experiments.

Dr. Donald Hoffman, Materialism’s Final Death Blow? |436| by skeptiko, licensed under CC BY

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  1. Galileo's fight was with the Catholic Church, not Spirituality. And the resulting technology hasn't raised our life, it has made us feel more separated, more insecure, weaker, less intelligent, and over-all more dependent upon what other folks programme us to think.

  2. He says he has faith in science. It seems to me that he may have faith in the superphysical. After all, nature is basically physics. No? Or maybe he has science in faith? I actually think that faith in anything (including science) is the disabling of the most important processes of the human mind namely: error correction. For when a person has faith then he allows errors to accumulate. Faith is disabling.

  3. I'm only a simpleton, but understand gravity is really magnetic inertia, yet the smartest people on the planet into particle physics, talk about smashing gravitons together, even though gravitons have never been seen or proven, and will never be seen or proven. Everything comes from dialectricity, the speed of light for example is really the rate of induction. Time is only noticed because of entropy. It's all fairly simple, but these QM maniacs try and complicate everything.

  4. Great work on this channel. I think the conversation would benefit a lot from inviting a very experienced anthroposophist or outright an esotericist initiate if you can… "find" one. You touched on Rudolf Steiner, from what I saw, in your interview with Mark Vernon, but this is barely scratching the surface of what Western Esotericism and/or the merging of the Eastern and Western can explain.
    For example the issue you keep coming back to of Evolution of Consciousness on earth in stages on the one hand and the seeming Perfection of Consciousness that can be tapped onto especially through the Eastern path. The concept of three levels of a human Spirit, Soul, Body approaches/is one part to the answer to that for instance.
    Also how big of a deal it is and how much work and coordination in the supersensible it takes to create a "New" Independent Self Conscious Entity(ies) ; how the Ego, Freedom, I Am, Christ Consciousness, Holy Sophia, Hierarchies, various Subtle bodies Evolution, etc. play into that.
    From this also the answer of why people have a hard time retaining information from their changed consciousness states and for what purpose/when it is/isnt so.
    And what is the point of the scientific method/materialism being present as a Civilisational Impulse. Partial answer – Spiritual Science.
    You can maybe try inviting the Gabriels from Neoanthroposophy .com for example.
    From a different angle maybe a dependable Psychic. Of those I know of and trust implicitly would mostly be GiGi Young.

  5. Consciousness = fundamental, non local, self aware, intelligent information system. This virtual cosmos is the „navy seal“ basic training camp. Very tight ruleset, great potential in growing up. Why we need that long? Because we think there is no evolutionary goal and the second thing is, we have the idea we have to grow intellectually. We are here to lose the subconscious fear which represents our ego. Not for the next ipad. 😉

    Our player started this immersive lesson with the goal to change ourself, not others! How far are you in that process? Being your selfless decisions authentically, intuitively. So the fear can be addressed. In just believing this you would act selflessness. Thats not what evolution wants from us. We are here to change at the core, thats not the intellect, this is just a toolset as our body (avatar) is.

  6. As said in the beginning, the problem of consciousness is huge, right there under our nose and yet, many people don't see it. How can you combine a lot of billiard balls or lego blocks or chips or flowing ions or electrons (all the same: very dead stuff) and than suddenly something emerges..It would make more sense if that "something " was related to self organizing standing waves of electromagnetic fields or something else known physical but it seems not since we could measure this and magnets are not affecting us. And even the study of much simpler brains like that of C.Elegans gives no clue. There could be a kind of mental field in the universe that doesn't interact with matter normally or else we would see it but why then does it suddenly interact in brains or perhaps living things ? How could neurons even find and make contact with such a field? The obvious place where that could happen is at quantum level so Penrose/Hameroff are very logically in trying to look there but the brain seems at present knowledge, too big, too hot to maintain quantum superpositions. I would not be surprised if even Penrose is by now not silently thinking "God". Meanwhile Dr Hoffman has found another promising path.

  7. I wish people would stop quoting Eckart Tolle and start quoting the MUCH better Alan Watts. He really understood all this stuff and said it much better the best part of a century ago.

  8. creation is the 'language' of 'god'…..it's not always silent lol.
    Anyway that 'spiritual' teacher was riffing off the Tao but got it all wrong as he usually does (figuring it's Tolle). Maybe Tolle should be quiet then eh? 😉

  9. the point with quantum physics is INFORMATION & CONSCIOUSNESS…….which it proves (and it doesn´t has shit to do with math) anyway, the math that came out of it is probability math

  10. 'If you don't have a mathematical theory, your not even in the game.' Love that!
    But…This is why the veridical evidence from NDE's will NEVER have a finalized mathematical theory. We can't record or observe it, but through person subjective experience. Even the likes with the science behind Anita Moorjani's miraculous cure of her cancer. and many others. SCIENCE CAN OBSERVE AND RECORD that so called miracle but science CAN'T EXPLAIN IT, and its frustrating as hell. This is why science is not being heard here. It's not explainable! There lies The Divine or Soul consciousness. We can observe this divine act, (Anita's cure) but can't explain it. Nor should we ever be able too!
    If Mathematics could explain everything, We would be Gods or Gods to them!
    Thanks Alex and Dr. Hoffman. I'm a growing and a learning!

  11. At 41 minutes Donald was about to say something deep and personal about how own meditation practice when all of a sudden Alex yet again jumps in with a question!! Talk about breaking the flow state!