Do this and the universe will do the rest

Do this and the universe will do the rest

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We should be able to find a happy medium between being bored and being overstimulated. We will have our differences, but your primary goal should be happiness. Trust in the universe and it will bring you everything you need. If you want to become an unrestricted creator, this video has some great tips for you. The Law of Attraction is the universal principle that we bring more of what we focus on into our lives (like attracts like). The Law of Attraction allows us to bring our thoughts, feelings, and desires into physical form.

Abraham Hicks – Do this and the universe will do the rest by Natalie Small, licensed under CC BY

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  1. Oh yeah those police out there are on Facebook. I was banned from 2 pages owned by the same person for having a Step 1 moment! Yeah none of them are practicing LOA… even less than me. And it was actually a blessing to leave that page and now I'm no long on Nosebook. I don't want to be a part of societies mentality and it's condensed into that site. I'm actually happier not seeing my angry depressing friends lives now. I've noticed that sometimes I join them in their misery and as soon as I do they start telling me to 'not worry about it' 'move on'. And of course they don't like it when I say… 'well why don't you take your own advice' lol! And since their lives are focused on the misery constantly, I don't have friends anymore lol! And I'm now learning to be okay with it. A lot of Step 1 moments lately.