Brian Weiss – Past-Life Regression Session

Brian Weiss – Past-Life Regression Session

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  1. My name was lady raven and i was inlove with 2 other women named lady maxima and lady namora when i started losing feelings for one they betrayed me which led to me being drove to the dark arts in hope of revenge but lady maxima had me chained to a tree and as i was anout to be murdered i yelled at both my lovers "as long as thou shall live we shall be bound in every new life thou shall live until i have my revenge" i saw lady raven appear before me she told me i need to finish what she started and i but the wierd thing is my 2 friends are the people i swore to have my revenge on but the worst thing is one in specific everytime i walk by him i feel anger hatred and sorrow so i think he is the one he betrayed me but i dont know why i am bound to this

  2. Modern research on Near Death Experience by Raymond moody, reincarnation memories by Ian Stevenson/Jim trucker and past lives regression by Brian Weiss all independently but coincidentally show that our consciousness survive death, we live many lives and our thoughts and actions matter in the hereafter.

    So be kind and helpful to others, be virtuous, meditate and cultivate ourselves to higher spiritual levels. Cheers.

  3. Tried a few times. Nothing. There is no way I can get out of the now. I know exactly where I am and cannot fool myself that I am somewhere else. I am convinced I could never be hypnotized. I once went to a psychotherapist. I heard everything he said and was actually getting angry about what he was saying. Sounded ridiculous. Things like “you are in a beach. There is a red and a blue button inside your body. The red is pain and the blue is comfort. Go ahead. Press the blue button when you have back pain.” Do these people think we have pea brains to think this works?

  4. Too much talking and guidance distracting me. Started listening to the suggestions and trying to find them in my vision. There was no time to observe from within.

  5. I don't know if j did it properly but i found some things out.
    I was a woman, who's loving husband went to war and had three kids. My mother moved in with us when the war began to help out with the kids. That's all i got

  6. I lay painless on a metal hospital table my face shot off one side brown leather shoes on my feet hanging of the end of the table and them running around me mumbled voices pronouncing me dead i could see the nurses and doctors feet with my other eye ….i feel like it was in 50s or 60s ….i had suit pants on my face was shot of all around eye on one side laying face down ….i was killed ..i also clearly felt what it was like to be unborn in my mother …i think she used to walk alot which gave me comfort….i went into this half expecting to be a viking or something …it wasnt i was killed in 50s or 60s i was a politican or buisness man …i wore brown leather shoes

  7. I had dreamed a couple of hours ago that my daughter was stolen by not like us in my past life…😔 It took me so long to moved on from that. That kid was so very beautiful. I really don't know why I'd dreamed like that.

  8. I felt a lot of things but didn’t really have thoughts it was all darkness.. I remembered my grandpa that passed away as my childhood memory just thought of him.. and then I saw a cat sort of off white during the birth scene there wasnt anything and I just thought of my grandparents at the glass none of it was vivid and past life I didn’t get anything it was my first try I was nervous but its ok.

  9. i saw really depressing childhood images and when i opened a door i was naked in a green room and brown tiles and it opened to a room with a chandekier and steps down a fireplace and it was kinda huge i had short hair and slightly long nails
    Important memory they were people recording me and flashes of cameras .I also remember being in a red car with a famous blonde guy and then my last day on earth i drank pills and offed myself while holding my tummy because i was pregnant

  10. I thought it went way too fast, that the whole experience was kind of rushed. There should have been enough pauses between the talking for you to assimilate the experience..the continued voice over seemed almost intrusive.

  11. I can never find a childhood memory when I do these kind of regressions. It’s like I go somewhere, but I don’t know where. I want to remember certain memories so badly, but nothing pops into my consciousness. Ugh

  12. Every time I think of my past life, it makes me believe that I was not on earth in my past life.. like I was in an angelic realm, two angel parents holding myself ..
    It makes me believe that I came from a higher realm to help humans.. but I doubt whether it’s my ego ..
    I feel so lost between my ego and my true self 🥺

  13. Wow I’m grateful for my phone no ads what I saw was a man with long hair shoulder length and I was in there as well. I was molested at 5 years old blocked it until I was a mother at 20 the nightmares. I worried about my daughter

  14. I saw multiple things, first when I was looking at my feet I had black heel slippers with gold buckle on them, had stockings, black midi skirt, brown turtle neck, I seemed to have a white/blond/blue eyed husband, he looked mean and closed off, then I was transported to another memory, my eyes opened and I saw a white room, half of the wall from the bottom was dark wood panels, there were 6 to 10 beds with white covers, it was cold and there was a girl in the bed beside me, as I visualized it from afar there was a stone fire place, I had braid and we both had those white pyjama dresses

  15. I saw kids laying down around me like it looked like an orphanage maybe like back in the day i think I was someone that took care of them I was like walking down a hall watching them sleep then it kind of went away once I realized what I was seeing but then when we talked about the death I just felt a heavy darkness around me not sure I was locked in the dark or what but I am afraid of the dark I’m going to try it again.