Are NDEs All Light and Love? – Dr. Penny Sartori

Are NDEs All Light and Love? – Dr. Penny Sartori

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Dr. Penny Sartori is a front line near-death experience researcher.

Skeptiko is the #1 podcast covering the science of human consciousness. We cover six main categories:
– Near-death experience science and the ever growing body of peer-reviewed research surrounding it.
– Parapsychology and science that defies our current understanding of consciousness.
– Consciousness research and the every expanding scientific understanding of who we are.
– Spirituality and the implications of new scientific discoveries to our understanding of it.
– Others and the strangeness of close encounters.
– Skepticism and what we should make of the “Skeptics”.

Dr. Penny Sartori, Are NDEs All Light and Love? |374| by skeptiko,Β licensed under CC BY


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  1. I think the "light and love" aspects are words that they use to describe an experience that perhaps is just too hard to explain in humanly words…doesn't really convey the whole picture but does it to the best of its ability. also depends on the persons own subjective experience…someone who had a frightened or dark NDE might not use words like light and love to describe it. I think light and love are key parts of what we are at a conscious level is us at our purest form. or what we are striving to become. I agree that some people use the words too loosely and make the "everything is all light and love" statement to gloss over a certain lifestyle or persona they are trying to depict. but for those who have had aNDE or other type of transformative experience it would hold some weight.

  2. Great stuff. I have never been religious but have witnessed what can only be described as the divine in several n.d.e.'s. No need to be afraid of dying. Peace.

  3. The bottom line question that I don't think was asked or answered in this interview is this: Is there any evidence that NDEs occur outside the brain? Below, MG seems to be raising the same point thru examples. I don't dismiss the experiences out-of-hand, since there are other experiences or phenomena such as reincarnation and out-of-body experiences and other psychological phenomena such as remote viewing that at least provide some evidence that is difficult to explain another way. Because of these, therefore, I would give benefit of the doubt to NDE experiencers, but they sound more like personal dreams to me than a real experience. BTW: I'm not so much afraid of death as I am pain. And hospitals. And most doctors.

  4. Some thoughts on Love & Light from a metaphysical angle. "Love" has also been termed "chi" or "prana" in other philosophies around the world. In the science fiction classic, Star Wars, it was termed "the force". The manifestation of this universal energy is termed "Light". Every pattern in the physical, observable world is unique in its structure. Our finger prints, leaves on a tree, grains of sand, frost on a window, a spiders web and so on. So Love is the free flowing creative force that puts the spice, or life into seemingly mechanistic matter. If someone is lost, confused, distraught, or experiencing emotional pain in any way, we can literally send them love by being present with them. This does not mean becoming emotional ourselves as this blocks the flow. that's becoming sympathetic and getting caught up in the story. In this state we might attempt to fix them by changing the subject, or trying to relate to them in some way. By remaining present we give our emotionally detached attentiveness. This allows love to flow through us, and if an individual accepts what is offered then they can process and heal from their situation. A simple analogy could be something like passing a spanner to a mechanic. We pass on what is needed when a hand reaches out to us with no expense to ourselves. "Light" could also be termed as "consciousness". This "Light" also exists in a non-physical form (an extremely complex study of metaphysics) which is that essence of ourselves that continues on beyond our physical death, or more accurately, the transformation from manifest form to unmanifested form.

    In cases where "Love and Light" are not experienced in near death situations it is most likely because of oppressive belief systems that have been internalised. Dogmatic presuppositions like heaven and hell are human constructs aimed at controlling humans through a punishment/reward philosophy. Moralistic judgements of any kind inhibit the free flow of Love, so a careful and patient study of ones own beliefs and values, and the development of discernment are wise attitudes to take. This may be challenging and difficult at times but it is well worth the effort. In essence, we go wherever we desire to go after death. So be very careful with what you believe and wish for, including what I have have shared here. Love & Light to you all πŸ™‚

  5. Alex! Big fan of Skeptiko here! I have a little story and if i am lying' may "God" strike me down Tonight!!! My father passed away in the summer' and of course my family was very distraught. On the day we buried my father' all the relatives came back to our house at the end for a bite' and to talk about the old days!!! After everyone left my house I was sitting in the living room by myself. Sad and thinking about my father. I Laid my head back on the couch to rest' and as I looked up to the ceiling "lo and behold" a RAINBOW appeared!!! YES!!!! a RAINBOW was on my ceiling!! I mean WTF!! Come on!! I yelled for my mother to come hurry' to see this miracle but she was too late' it disappeared within 2 minutes. It was like it was meant just for me!! I have never in my life seen a rainbow inside a house' prior to this day! On a side-note Lawrence Krauss is in a lot of trouble? I bet he's praying now!LOL!!!!

  6. Great episode Alex. That's it. What's the next step? Ms. Sartori mentioned getting people together to study this in a BIGGER way. A world institute of Para…NDE studies. This is NOT just a christian aspect of NDE's. This is a World experience that affects Everyone from Everywhere. Let's create a World Institute of studies from mediumship, Psi, NDE's, Paranormal…
    Instead of going to mainline science and medical professionals for answers. (Which they don't have or even believe.) This new institute of…be the new mainline science, PERIOD!
    Look, people are coming back being told that they have to come back because "Their's more work to be done"…Let's all come together and make this "The new science!" The one thing I know from NDE's is…Love, Hope and miracles is real! So why not…I believe!

  7. I have done a bunch of my own research on NDE'S and why they're so vastly different to the next. When people have out of body experiences (obe's) they usually goto the astral plane and the experiences can be similar. I think it has to do with each persons individual belief and where you are on the "love scale" or vibration.If anyone else needs more understanding I'll post a link to a great talk by william buhlman.. an OBE researcher/ expert at the monroe institute

  8. Why is she avoiding the subject? The interviewer tried to nudge her there, but she wouldn't talk about it because it's "uncomfortable". The NDE experience is a reflection of that person's beliefs and culture because that is what's used to manipulate them. The tactics start subtle but show some resistance and suspicion and they crank up the guilt trip. Its all nothing more than a conveyer belt for cattle in which the cattle have to step onto it voluntarily. NO ONE who is honest thinks erasing the memories of previous incarnations before sending them back is in any way a loving action or productive in any way. Especially if the purpose is to learn and lead an exemplary life. No would erase their child's memory before sending them off to school every morning and expect them to learn. Tell these assholes to fuck off and refuse to play their evil game by providing food for these parasites that camouflage themselves as Jesus, Budah, Crishna, Anubis, etc.

  9. Hey Alex have you read any of the robert monroe books from the monroe institute? Or any books from William buhlman? They're incredible.. they explain why NDE's vary widely and what it's all about. You should get William Buhlman on for an interview