Titanic & The Unsinkable Memory


William Barnes, a curious child of four, sketched a majestic ship with four towering smokestacks and presented it to his bewildered parents.


He then uttered, “This is my ship, but she died.”


His sudden insistence on being called ‘Tommy’ and his constant ramblings about mysterious brothers and relatives, confused his parents.


However, the situation took a dark turn as the little boy was plagued by recurring nightmares.

Nightmares of an enormous ship, the biting cold of freezing water, and the deafening crash of heavy steel slabs upon him.


For two long decades, William endured this unnerving torment, only seeking help at the age of 25.


During a hypnotic session, he unearthed fragments of memories from a past life, locked away in his subconscious, arguing about the “ship’s design”.


As soon as he woke from the trance, he famously declared, “My name is Tommy Andrews.”


Like a dark canvas, flashbacks of the tragic Titanic disaster unfolded before William’s eyes. He became convinced that he was the reincarnation of Thomas Andrews, the renowned designer of the ill-fated ship. Astonishingly, William’s own birth date aligned with the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. During subsequent hypnotherapy sessions, he recalled the catastrophic event in harrowingly intricate detail – not in his usual American tongue, but with a thick Irish accent, embodying the spirit of his past-life self.





  • The human psyche is deep, and sometimes unearthing the very bottom can bring understandings we never would have thought possible.


  • Traumatic events can be buried, but they still leave an indelible mark on the human soul. These marks may resurface in surprising ways.




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