The Mysteries of Dorothy Eady: The Reincarnated Egyptian Priestess

Dorothy Louise Eady was born in 1904 in the vibrant city of London. A significant accident at the age of three, from a fall in her home, would permanently alter her life. What began as a passing interest in this otherwise ordinary British woman became a conviction and a lifelong fascination as a result of this incident.


Growing up, Dorothy started to assert that she had extraordinary memories of her previous life in ancient Egypt. She recalls her early years serving as a priestess at the temple of Seti I in Abydos, Egypt, known as Bentreshyt. These claims went unheeded, and even ignored, by the people around her.


Upon reaching adulthood, she was influenced by world events and political conflicts, leading her to follow a traditional path of marriage and working as a draughtswoman. Yet, destiny had different intentions for Dorothy.


Her insatiable curiosity about ancient Egypt motivated her to travel to this enigmatic land.


Arriving in Cairo, Egypt, was a significant moment for her, as it reignited her childhood memories and strengthened her belief that she had lived a past life as Bentreshyt. She immersed herself in the study of ancient Egypt, mastering their language, customs, and culture, and even embracing their attire and names.


Dorothy Louise Eady became dedicated and driven by her strong belief in her past life, devoting herself to the Egyptian deity Seti I, as the caretaker of the temple where she believed she had served in her previous life.


Throughout her time in the position, she impressed numerous scholars and archaeologists with her extensive understanding of ancient Egyptian history, architecture, and culture.


This surprised the skeptics who had previously dismissed her claims about her past life, leading many to believe that Dorothy Louise Eady was truly the reincarnation of Bentreshyt, the Priestess of ancient Egypt.


Dorothy is a living testimony to the strength of faith and perseverance, and her life has been the focus of countless books, documentaries, and articles. Her strong belief in her previous existence and her commitment to ancient Egypt guided her along an unconventional journey filled with revelations and mysteries. The story of Dorothy Eady, sometimes called Om Seti or Omm Sety, makes us think about reincarnation, how profound our consciousness is, and how we can solve incredible mysteries.





  • Our convictions can shape our lives: Dorothy Eady’s unwavering conviction about her past life shaped her destiny, leading her down a unique and inspiring path.


  • Determination can lead to astonishing discoveries: Dorothy’s unyielding determination to learn about ancient Egypt led her to become an expert and convinced many skeptics of reincarnation.


  • Don’t ignore childhood memories: Though initially dismissed, Dorothy’s childhood memories led her to find her purpose and harness her passion and knowledge for ancient Egypt.


  • Culture and history are crucial for understanding the world: Dorothy’s deep understanding and appreciation for ancient Egyptian culture and history enriched our knowledge, making her an essential figure in reincarnation beliefs.




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