The Boy Who Remembered Hollywood


In a quiet Oklahoma town, Cyndi and her young son Ryan had an extraordinary experience.


One night, Ryan woke up crying, claiming to remember a past life he had lived. Seeking solace and based on what Ryan had shared, Cyndi turned to books about old Hollywood.


As they went through images from the 1932 film “Scarface,” something remarkable unfolded. In a moment of pure excitement, Ryan pointed at one of the actors on the screen and exclaimed, “That’s me! The old me!”


Initially taken aback, Cyndi’s curiosity grew.

She reached out to Dr. Jim Tucker, an expert in children with memories of past lives at the Division of Perceptual Studies at UVA.

Dr. Tucker had meticulously documented over 2,500 cases of children sharing glimpses of their previous existences.


Cyndi discovered that these memories often emerge around the tender age of two or three, only to fade away like other childhood recollections by six or seven. To validate Ryan’s claims, Dr. Tucker and his team conducted thorough investigations, conducting interviews and comparing memories with those of deceased individuals whose lives aligned with Ryan’s recollections.


As they ventured into unraveling Ryan’s memories, the team made a breakthrough. Ryan identified a Hollywood agent named Marty Martyn from the movie still.


The turning point came when Ryan’s family connected with Martyn’s daughter, confirming over 50 details that Ryan could vividly recall about her father’s life.


Through extensive research and meticulous cross-referencing, the team affirmed the authenticity of Ryan’s memories.


Cyndi found comfort and relief in knowing that her son’s connection to another family from a previous life was not a disturbance, but rather a meaningful connection.





  • Explore extraordinary phenomena with an open and curious mind.


  • Take expert advice to validate experiences.


  • The quest for understanding can reveal profound links between our present and past, forever changing our perception.




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