The Boy and the Prophecy


In the vibrant city of Seattle, in the year 1991, a remarkable child named Sonam Wangdu came into this world. Little did anyone know that this young boy carried within him the extraordinary destiny of being the revered reincarnation of the venerable Tibetan Lama, Dezhung Rinpoche III.


At the tender age of two, Sonam began to exhibit signs of his true identity.


Even before his birth, his mother and her own Lama had experienced visions of Sonam Wangdu, firmly believing in the concept of reincarnation.


The words of Dezhung Rinpoche III, spoken before his passing, echoed true as he proclaimed:

“I will be reborn in Seattle.”


When Sonam turned five, he left his family in Seattle behind, his radiant smile guiding him on a transformative journey to Kathmandu, Nepal. It was here that he would immerse himself in the sacred teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, under the watchful guidance of wise monks.


Upon his arrival in Nepal, the young boy adorned himself in golden and maroon robes, emanating a noble and resplendent presence.


As Trulku-la, (meaning ‘reincarnation,’) gazed upon the land, his serene smile conveyed the story of a boy undeterred by the vast changes in his life.


Now, at the age of 23, Sonam Wangdu, the man, reflects upon his incredible journey:

 “Lots of time. I’m just going to stay here a long time,” he says, describing his life in Nepal as the revered head of the monastery.


True to his words, Sonam Wangdu, has remained in Nepal for two decades, embodying his role as the fourth reincarnation of Dezhung Rinpoche I.


Sonam Wangdu’s story has captured the hearts and minds of many around the world, inviting us all on a journey to embrace the unknown and open our minds to the alluring secrets of our existence.





  • Open-mindedness: This story shows the importance of open-mindedness and seeing beyond what our eyes can perceive. Belief in reincarnation, as held by the Tibetans, is not common in the western world, yet Sonam Wangdu was able to follow his true path in life by embracing his identity.


  • Following One’s Destiny: Sonam Wangdu left his family at the tender age of five to embark on an extraordinary journey in Nepal. This bravery and determination to follow his path, despite his young age, exemplify the importance of embracing one’s destiny.


  • Unearthing Hidden Potential: This incredible story shows us how understanding our past or our hidden abilities can help us shape our future.



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