The Gripping Reincarnation Story of Anne Frank


In the small, tranquil Swedish town, nestled among the evergreens and a stone’s throw away from the rippling waters, lived an extraordinary girl, Barbro Karlen.

Born nine years after the passing of the remarkable Anne Frank, she carried a secret that would challenge the very nature of reality.


Barbro has always said that her name is Anne, not Barbro, ever since she could talk. She kept complaining that her loving mother and father she thought were her parents, were not really her parents.


These firm statements that young Barbro made caused anxiety and stress in her close-knit family, leaving them looking for answers.


In their despair, they went to a well-known psychiatrist because they thought their child was stuck in a web of delusion and fantasy.


Despite what seemed like pointless attempts to get Barbro to take on her given name, the brave young girl was determined to follow her path. It wasn’t until she reached the age of twelve, when the voluminous pages of her diary of poetry swelled with prose as vivid as if she had been composing her experiences in real-time.


The success of her books, her very words, unveiled a startling resemblance to the journal of none other than Anne Frank.


On a trip to Amsterdam when Barbro was ten years old, her parents decided to visit the same home where Anne had once lived.


As they stepped into the hallowed halls, Barbro’s feet, as if guided by an unseen force, swiftly carried her to the room that had once sheltered Anne’s resilient spirit.


There was no hesitation, no trace of doubt. Barbro was overwhelmed by a profound sense of familiarity, akin to the powerful surge of a rising tide.


As Barbro stood on the edge of her past life, a torrent of unsettling emotions surged within her. Under the facade of a young girl swept away by the intensity of the moment, a dormant memory began to stir with life.


The walls, despite her mother’s protests, appeared different to her, different from the images she had glimpsed in photographs from her past life.


It all became evident when her mother saw her daughter’s sincere expressions. Her child was a reincarnation, not a lost mind.


With a sense of astonishment, those who had intimately known Anne Frank, could not help but grasp the profound and genuine connection that Barbro held to the story, that had once appeared as mere fiction.


As the years unfolded, Barbro’s path crossed with that of Anne’s cousin, Buddy Elias, who, too, recognized the undeniable truth that Barbro was the rightful bearer of Anne’s enduring legacy.


In that fateful meeting, their shared past mended, resonating through the ages, and a whispered truth of survival transcended time.


The story of Barbro Karlén, a past-life Anne Frank, teaches us more than lessons of war and loss. Her account opens the door to a new way of understanding ourselves and our capacity to harness the channels of those who came before. To explore with enthusiasm, the hidden reserves within ourselves, we should not neglect.





  • Practice introspection and maintain an open mind.




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