Lost In Another Life

Vladimir Levinski, a musician with a remarkable talent and an intriguing belief in his own mystical connection to Franz Liszt. Levinski’s musical prowess was undeniable, captivating audiences from a young age, despite his lack of formal education. However, it was his conviction that he was the reincarnation of Liszt that truly set him apart.


In the year 1952, on a momentous evening in London, Levinski took to the stage for a highly anticipated concert. As his fingers danced across the piano keys, the audience was spellbound by his performance. But then, a sudden pause disrupted the harmonious flow of music.


Levinski, in a moment of profound connection, declared that he could feel the spirit of Liszt coursing through him, guiding his every note.


The theater fell into a profound silence as the audience hung on to his every word, eagerly anticipating more enchanting melodies. However, their hopes were shattered as Levinski became lost in his own memories of Liszt, unknowingly allowing the audience’s excitement to fade.


Unfortunately, the enchantment disappeared, replaced by restlessness amongst the crowd. Frustration mounted as the long-awaited final note never arrived, leading to the audience’s displeasure. But Levinski remained oblivious to the disappointment soured by his infatuation with his former life.


To him, the concert was an unprecedented success, as he believed,  for a moment he had transformed into the legendary figure himself.



1. Appreciate Your Own Abilities: Levinski’s over-identification with Liszt causes him to overlook the exquisite talents and skills that made him a unique pianist. Always acknowledge your innate gifts!

2. Remain Present in the Moment: While it’s worthwhile to consider our past, the past should not consume us. Stay alert to the present and avoid being consumed by our former selves.

3. Seek Balance in Your Passions: It’s healthy to be passionate about what you do, but don’t let it impair your judgement or ability to connect with others.



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